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Building Kashrut Policy

Our synagogue is a safe space for those practicing at all points on the spectrum with our kashrut policy striking a balance between accessibility and adherence to the standards of the most stringent members and visitors.

  • No synagogue funds will be used to buy food from non-kosher restaurants.1
  • Food from homes or restaurants will not be brought for synagogue events without prior rabbinic approval.
  • We have separate dishes for milk and (specifically) kosher meat.
  • Dishes and silverware are all stored separately, with labels of “dairy” or “meat” on the appropriate shelves or drawers.
  • No “dairy” and “meat” meal is prepared at the same time.
  • No “dairy” and “meat” dishes are washed at the same time.2
  • Dishes are kept as strictly separate as possible, not mixing with foods prepared in a non-kosher establishment.3
  • Items with a hekhsher don’t need to be checked for ingredients, even onions or garlic, as these are permissible to use.4
  • Separate tablecloths for “dairy” and “meat” will be used or tablecloths will be laundered before each use.
  • The microwave is labeled “dairy” or “meat,” according to the last meal cooked in it.5
  • All meals other than those designated as “potlucks” or “covered dish suppers” must be prepared according to these guidelines.
  • “Potlucks” and “covered dish suppers” held in the synagogue must be served on disposable plates, with disposable utensils, and tablecloths washed afterwards.
  • Wine to be consumed in the synagogue must be hekhshered.
  • All ingredients and prepared food bought using synagogue funds must have a hekhsher, with the following exceptions:
    • Any fresh fruit or vegetables (except pre-chopped onions/garlic)
    • Baking soda
    • Baking powder
    • Cornmeal/flour/starch/syrup
    • Dried beans or grains
    • Eggs
    • Flour
    • Milk
    • Molasses
    • Unflavored coffee
    • Unflavored black or green tea
    • Unflavored honey
    • Unflavored pure maple syrup
    • Water
    • Salt
    • Sugar
    • Any cheese on the Approved Cheese List

Click Here for Approved Cheese List

Link to List of Reliable Hekhshers (Kosher Symbols) to Look For


Kosher Prepared/Prepackaged Food Links


Whole Foods



  • 1All synagogue groups such as Shalom Camp, Men’s Club, and Sisterhood must adhere to all kashrut guidelines.
  • 2All of one type of dish will be cleaned, dried, and put away before taking the other out.
  • 3Pots and pans used with ingredients that are not kosher makes all meals prepared with those utensils not kosher.
  • 4“Sharp” ingredients, such as garlic and onions, transfer meat, dairy, or treyf (non-kosher) “taste” when cut with a knife. Without separating knives between “meat” and “dairy”, any product (such as salsa, pickled vegetables, and guacamole) bought or prepared with onions or garlic complicate kashrut. Additionally, additives like rennet in cheese or natural flavorings in processed foods come from animal sources that are not clearly marked. Foods that are marked with a hekhsher have taken this into account and are certified as kosher.
  • 5To cook the opposite type in the microwave, the microwave will be kashered and the label changed. To Kasher a microwave: wipe it down and place a full glass of water in the microwave on high heat for five minutes or until half empty.
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