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Agudath Achim Biblical Orchard & Garden

We are proud to present stage 1 of the Agudath Achim Biblical Orchard & Garden!

On January 20th, 2020 we added 7 brand new trees into our Orchard: 5 Pomegranate Trees and 2 Olive Trees! Our current trees are now Pomegranate, Olive, Fig, and Almond.

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Close up of an Olive Tree


About the Biblical Orchard & Garden

The Biblical Orchard & Garden will be a collection of trees and plants that have biblical mention or Jewish significance. The trees and plants will be accompanied by interpretive signage with agricultural information and biblical context. The orchard will include a space for gathering for classes, programs and prayer services.

In addition to the Jewish community of Shreveport, over 61% of Shreveport’s population identify as Christian or Muslim, to whom a biblical garden would also be a relevant attraction. These other faith-based groups, along with garden enthusiasts, and community groups or individuals will also be welcome to visit the space and enjoy programs there. Garden updates will be posted to Instagram, Facebook, and other online platforms and social media outlets. This will allow for an innumerable amount of people to enjoy the beauty, inspiration, and progress of the orchard, even from afar.

The primary objective is to provide a comfortable, accessible, and beautiful outdoor garden for gathering in prayer, learning, and fellowship and to create and provide a garden space to teach and learn about: biblical agriculture, the importance of biblical plants, and the importance of trees, ecologically, culturally, and socially. The garden will serve as a space where people of all backgrounds can find commonality.

Click here to find out how you can support the Orchard & Garden, or click here to volunteer to help water our trees!

Sat, February 4 2023 13 Shevat 5783