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Hebrew Agudath Achim Cemetery

You will find the cemetery at the corner of Yale and Walnut, in Shreveport, Lousiana. Contact David Ginsburg at 318-469-8503

Cemetery Policies

WHO MAY BE BURIED: The Agudath Achim Cemetery, being sacred, is for burial of people of the Jewish faith only (both members and non-members of Agudath Achim). However, the interfaith has been sectioned off from the rest of the cemetery and is available for those who are intermarried. Our rules permit only those who are Jewish (both members of Agudath Achim and non-members) to be buried in the other sections. Customarily, a wife is buried on the left side of her husband, though this is not mandatory.

CASKETS: Plain wooden kosher caskets are traditional.

BURIALS: Burials may only take place after a lot is paid for in full.

FUNERAL SERVICES: No funeral may take place at the Agudath Achim Cemetery without first advising the Agudath Achim Rabbi at 318 797 6401, Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. The fee for an Agudath Achim Rabbi to perform funerals is $300.00. A Rabbi is required at every funeral service and interment on the Cemetery. The Agudath Achim Rabbi must give his approval before any other Rabbi performs a funeral service. No religious service that is non-Jewish may take place on the Agudath Achim Cemetery. For intermarried couples who are to be buried in the interfaith section, all religious funeral services for the non-Jewish spouse are to take place at a funeral home off of the cemetery premises. Burial of the non-Jewish spouse in interfaith section will take place without any religious service at the cemetery and the burial must be supervised by a licensed funeral director.

Monument placement may only take place after a lot is paid for in full. When a double headstone is to be erected, both grave sites must be paid in full before the placement of the headstone. All monuments shall be placed so that they face the front gate. Monuments may be for one or two people buried side by side. The width of the headstone itself may vary up to 40 inches for a single and up to 60 inches for a double. A base upon which the monument sits may be up to 52” wide for a single and up to 72” wide for a double. The height of the headstone itself should not exceed 48 inches regardless of the width. All headstones must be on a base. All monuments must be approved by the Agudath Achim Rabbi and by the Agudath Achim Cemetery Committee, in writing, prior to installation on the cemetery. Homemade monuments of any kind are not allowed. They must be granite and professionally made and installed. Only Jewish religious symbols may appear on any of the monuments throughout the cemetery, including the interfaith section, reserved for intermarried couples.

UNVEILING: Traditionally, an unveiling is held between the sixth and twelfth month after interment. There is no charge to Agudath Achim members requesting a Rabbi’s services, however a gratuity is traditional.

LOT PRICES: Old Section (north end) shall be $600.00. New (front or south end) section shall be $800.00. Interfaith section shall be $700.00. There will be a $500.00 perpetual care fee for all plots in all sections. The above rates will be for all members in good standing with Congregation Agudath Achim. Non-members will be billed at twice the member’s rates. There will be a $300 service fee (as mentioned above) for all funerals. All non-members fees will be paid in advance.

Terms are available to reserve lots at no additional costs. A down payment of 25% is required at the time of purchase. The remaining balance will be due in installments over a period not to exceed three years. If, after three years a lot is not paid-in-full, Agudath Achim will attempt to contact the purchaser to collect the remaining balance. After the last day of the three year period, Agudath Achim will notify the purchaser three times in writing. If Agudath Achim is unable to contact the purchaser within 30 days, the lot will be deemed abandoned and will be released for re-sale. There will be no refund if a lot has been released.

Deed Certificates for a cemetery lot are issued only upon payment in-full.

Agudath Achim Cemetery does not offer refunds on lots. Lots may be donated back to the Agudath Achim Cemetery for a tax write-off at the current market value. The Agudath Achim office can resell lots on a consignment basis for a fee of 50% of the sale amount. Lots may be resold or gifted by owners; however, original Deed Certificates on sold, gifted or transferred lots must be returned to the Agudath Achim office to be voided before a new one will be issued. The fee for a Deed Certificate void/transfer is $100.

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