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There is no greater way to feel connected to the Agudath community than to become a member. By joining the congregation, you not only get to stay informed of all the latest news, gain member only access to various events and discounts, and free rabbinic services for lifecycle events, you also get a hand in shaping the future of this community.

Whether you already love what we do here at Agudath, or are excited to learn more: join our family - your membership dues directly support the continuation and growth of all we do. If there's one value that stands tall in Judaism it's that of community. As the Talmud (Sh'vuot 39a) teaches"כל ערבים זה בזה" (Kol Aravim Zeh b'Zeh) - All of the people Israel are responsible for one another. By becoming a member at Agudath, you bring all of the people Israel one step closer to being able to not only take care of one another, but also to being a positive force in Shreveport, and the world.

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